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Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip)




Empty Bottle


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Alexis Taylor, the songwriter and frontman of electronic indie band Hot Chip, will perform a solo show at Empty Bottle in June. 

What We Say

ALEXIS TAYLOR of Hot Chip is at it again with his new forthcoming solo album, Beautiful Thing. It’s the first time ALEXIS has made a solo album with another producer, this time with Tim Goldsworthy, the co-founder of DFA Records and a member of LCD Soundsystem. The story of ALEXIS's early days in Hot Chip and their steady growth from schoolfriends mucking about and sharing strange music, to established international force, is well documented. But it's always worth re-emphasizing how much they had to find their own way. There was no obvious niche for them to fill, and it's partially because of that that Alexis has never taken their success for granted. Throughout Hot Chip's career he has always concocted new and often challenging projects based on his own creative evolution, or on chance meetings with new musical sparring partners, he has never once rested on his laurels in terms of his musical processes or relationships with his audience. This is exactly a product of that. ALEXIS takes his off-center dance production and goes even farther left with saturated overtones leading to an endless trickling drum beating ever so delicately in the distance. Follow it. 


Watch Alexis Taylor perform a live studio session.