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Friday, March 20, 2020

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Josh Ritter





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Prolific folk-rock songwriter Josh Ritter will perform solo at the gorgeous Fourth Presbyterian Church in the heart of downtown Chicago this March.

What They Say

A note about this tour, from Josh: "I was thinking back to some of my favorite concerts over the years, and I realized how many took place in spaces that were special in their own right. Cathedrals, synagogues, strange and storied theaters, each bring a special kind of glow to the performance. I was also feeling the urge to play some of my quieter, more narrative songs that I may not always get the chance to perform during larger rock shows. So I decided to put together a tour that would allow me to play these songs, and some new ones that I’ve been writing, in some of these beautiful spaces. I decided to call the tour “A Book of Gold Thrown Open." I'll mainly be solo, but it’ll be a fun chance to have a few special guests and accompaniment. And most of all, I’m looking forward to singing these songs. I hope you can make it! Rock on, and thank you. - Josh”


Watch Ritter perform "Monster Ballads" solo.