VIDEO: Railway Gamblers on Audiotree

Full disclosure:  I know some of the guys in Railway Gamblers personally.  Some of them have even submitted stories for the site.

But I think that fact sort of proves my point.  Earlier this year, I was given a rough mix of one of the first cuts from the forthcoming A Way In The Wind.  Like I do with a lot of music, I put it on and started doing other stuff.

A few minutes into the tune, I was kind of jolted out of whatever I had been working on and felt drawn back to the music.  What was I listening too?  Who were these guys? When I realized it was the Gamblers, I had put it together -- this  wasn't just good for somebody I know, it was just damn good.

Now it seems like the word has gotten out.  To promote the finished product the band played five tunes for Audiotree, who have their own high bar for quality as well.

That video is availble on YouTube, where their cosmic Americana tunes are interspersed with interview segments covering the band's formation and recording, the state of Michigan, beer, and the Evergreen Park treasure Harte's, a spirtual home to the group of south siders.  I'm particularly partial to "Roses and Dust", the track which closes the session, which features a bit of Neil Young-esque harmonica and a Ryan Adams feel.

The band celebrates the release on Thursday, December 22nd at Emporium Arcade Bar.  Like in the Audiotree session, the core of the band will be supplemented with keyboards and bass for the show .


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