Full Show Video | Pixies @ Chicago Theatre 10/8/17

Pixies put on a show like nobody else.

During the first incarnation, the band released an EP and four albums that literally changed the course of music, influencing the alternative and indie genres infinitely, creating songs that quickly became timeless classics.

When the band returned to recording in 2014, reviews were mixed. In truth, this was just the Pixies being as unpredictable as ever, doing whatever they wanted to do.

The best way to dive into the material is, without a doubt, seeing it live.

The band recently played Chicago Theatre, performing more than 30 songs in a set that combined the classics with the new, delivered with the unparalleled energy that fans have come to expect.

When a classic like “Hey” is paired with the newer “Might As Well Be Gone,” they both sound like characteristic Pixies, infectious, organic and hard-hitting.

Though highlights of the show remain runs of old material, such as combining “Vamos,” “Nimrod’s Son,” “Where Is My Mind,” and “Winterlong” in a heavenly run mid-set, new songs like “Head Carrier” and “All I Think About Now” still shine.

Check out video from the full show below, scroll down for the setlist, and realize that the power of the Pixies never faded.


1. Wave Of Mutliation

2. Classic Masher

3. Bel Esprit

4. Debaser

5. I've Been Tired

6. Isla de Encanta

7. Um Chagga Lagga

8. Monkey Gone To Heaven

9. Cactus

10. Silver Snail

11. Caribou

12. Hey

13. Might As Well Be Gone

14. Head Carrier

15. Something Against You

16. Ana

17. Mr. Grieves

18. Gouge Away

19. Dead

20. All The Saints

21. Here Comes Your Man (unfinished)

22. La La Love You

23. Vamos (with Here Comes Your Man interpolation)

24. Nimrod's Son

25. Where Is My Mind?

26. Winterlong

27. Motorway to Roswell

28. Magdalena 318

29. Velouria

30. Havalina

31. Snakes

32. Wave Of Mutilation


33. All I Think About Now

34. Bone Machine

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