Frank Zappa’s Career, Charted Two Ways

Here are two infographics that'll help you appreciate (or deepen your appreciation of) the music of Frank Zappa.  One is a bit more artful, while the other is a down-and-dirty user-guide.  You'll want to click on each of these to view the full version in greater detail.

Artist Ward Shelly is known for painting art-related timelines in interesting ways, including this recent graphic that traces Frank's life and music.

Beginning with his birth in 1940, the infographic traces the formation of his high school bands, The Ramblers and The Blackouts, his college education, his first recordings, and his meeting the members of The Mothers Of Invention and Captain Beefheart.

With a career as prolific and rapid as Zappa’s, it’s an extremely interesting chart, and worth spending some time with whether you’re a fan or newcomer.

Second, comes a simpler graphic, charting how newcomers can get into Zappa’s music.

Starting with Apostrophe, the chart moves through Zappa’s discography based on which part of his eclectic songs you prefer, chasing influences like blues, jazz, doo-wop and more.

All in all, it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of a discography that can often be hard to pin down.

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