The Decemberists And Olivia Chaney Team Up For Side-Project Offa Rex, Perform First Single

The Decemberists have been busy. Outside of having a spring tour in the books and the promise to perform new songs throughout it, the band has recently recorded an entirely new project.

Offa Rex consists of the Decemberists with English singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney, and their debut album, The Queen Of Hearts, will be released on July 7.

Produced by esteemed producer Tucker Martine and Decemberists’ signer Colin Meloy, the 11-song album was primarily written by Chaney, and heavily influenced by traditional music from the UK and Ireland.

The band recently performed the title track of The Queens Of Hearts, giving a first glimpse into the upcoming record’s sound. The song was derived from a poem dating back to the 17th century, and heavily features Chaney’s harpsichord.

Watch the performance and read the album’s tracklist below.


1. The Queen Of Hearts

2. Blackleg Miner

3. The Gardener

4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

5. Flash Company

6. Old Churchyard

7. Constant Billy (Oddington) / I'll Go Enlist (Sherborne)

8. Willie o' Winsbury

9. Bonny May

10. Sheepcrook and Black Dog

11. To Make You Stay

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