Genius Sampling Genius, Visualized

There are music related charts and visuals, and then there's this.

The visual savants at Polygraph have gone beyond your typical data visualization and have created something interactive, educational, and altogether fascinating.

In attempt to explain how a modern day genius, Robert Glasper, processes and samples the late great Miles Davis tune "The Ghetto Walk", they manage to break down Glasper's track "Ghetto Walkin'" into individual, user controllable segments.  The vocals, drums, bass, piano, and samples all get a seperate visual expression, and the site allows the listener to explore how each of these come together... with a little help from Glasper's narration.

The whole thing transcends any words of description that I can provide.  See for yourself by clicking the visual below.  Have a listen to the original materials via YouTube video as well.

Miles' 26 minute version of "The Ghetto Walk" from Feburary 1969

Glasper's full track... "Ghetto Walkin"

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