Retro Jamming: Medeski Martin & Wood with Oren Bloedow – Riviera 12/9/2000

Retro Jamming is a new feature in our Audiovisual section.  While many of the shows we offer focus on local streams and downloads of recent vintage, these shows reach back to pick some choice recordings from classic Chicago area shows of old.

Medeski, Martin & Wood is a band that doesn't make it around these parts as often as I like, and I'm sure I'm not alone.  Why not use this classic from a decade ago to christen the Retro Jamming feature?  This recording comes from a December visit to the Riv in 2000.

The band brought along guitarist Oren Bloedow for the tour who, in addition to having one of the most brilliantly fun names to say aloud, adds some nasty guitar chops to the typically keyboard-driven Hendrix tunes that are peppered in here.

The crowd favorite "Bubblehouse" caps off the blistering show at nearly 13 minutes.  The entire set is  filled with tons of improvising, but we expect nothing less.

Read on for the setlist, stream and iPod ready download.


Improv> We Are Rolling,  Big Time >  Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps), Bone Digger > Shacklyn Knights,  Macha > Manic Depression >The Dropper, Note Bleu, Toy Dancing >  Partido Alto > Third Stone From The Sun > Blue Pepper
E:   Bubblehouse

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