Setlist / Show Notes: John Bell @ Hannah's Buddies Benefit, House Of Blues Orlando 3/23/13

My buddy Rich went to JB's Hannah's Buddies Benefit at the House Of Blues Orlando tonight and sent me a nice report with some pretty detailed notes....

JB was all about telling stories about each song; pretty cool. He is very relaxed and having fun. I tried adding some of what JB was saying prior to each song. Allman Brothers set break music.

JB and Friends Orlando
March 23, 2013

Nickel and the Polar Bears 8:00 pm

JB Solo 8:50-10 pm
Guitar issues "You can make fun of my leather shoes but the jacket... the jacket is plastic!"
"Check 1-2: It at least deserves a check 1-2"
None Of Us Are Free
"I heard another explosion; are they hearing it out there?" to his tech. "He's got his mama's eyes, daddy's..?"
Little Kin
"This next song a little bit New Orleans... When Laura and I were courtin' she talked about about a homeless lady pushing her cart. Dad would always say 'Christmas Kate', that is where the title came from. Dad is in the crowd and had a way of disciplining."
Christmas Katie
"I must find my other appendage. Another childhood influence... my sister is here as well. My grandfather gave me a transistor radio... another clue I'm old and you don't know what I'm talking about. That is the impetus for this next song."
Radio Child
Someone's phone rang. JB says, "can someone get that? It might be the call."
"We were in rock and roll diapers". A band called Nothing Personal was big in Panic's early days. They started opening for them. One day they get on stage and all the band's instruments and amps are painted in all kinds of cool colors. When JB asked why, they said everything should feel like the music.
Old Joe
Mr. Joel Byron (JB's roadie) takes the stage on acoustic slide.
Tall Boy
Blue Indian
"You are right, this is a fake banjo. This one of my favorite Mikey songs."
Ain't Life Grand (JB on banjo-like instrument... Guitjo?)
Buck Williams joins on harmonica
Mystic Eyes (Van Morrison cover)

JB sat in with Futurebirds on their set for a cover of Neil Young's Unknown Legend

Video: Tallboy & Blue Indian


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