Stream, Download & Photos: Jane's Addiction @ Metro, Chicago, IL 9/24/11

Jane's Addiction has thrust itself back in the public spotlight again this fall and once again they are as polarizing as ever.  Check out these recent reviews of their latest album The Great Escape Artist, which range from pretty good / innovative (Consequence Of Sound) to absolute festering garbage (AV Club).

In any case, they largely left the new stuff at home on their recent stop at Chicago's intimate Metro for a two nighter.  They delivered exactly what the fans wanted, the Nothing's Shocking and Ritual material that we fell in love with twenty years ago, and wrapped it all in enough profanity and boorishness to recapture a bit of their (and the audience's) impetuous youth.  Playing to a crowd of 1000 fans, you'd barely know that Perry Farrell is the impresario behind Chicago's biggest summer festival, drawing crowds in the 10s of thousands to see some of the most mainstream touring acts around.

Here's the stream and iPod ready download of what went down.

[box type="download"]Download entire show mp3 .zip[/box]


Whores, Just Because, Ain't No Right, Ted Just Admit It, End To The Lies, Ocean Size, Three Days, Irrestible Force, Up The Beach, Coming Down The Mountain, Stop

Encore: Jane Says


We are also pleased to feature photographs of the show from Mary Beeze (@swimfinfan), who managed to capture some fine images that are a nice complement to this fine recording.  Thanks, Mary!

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