Widespread Panic - "I Swear It Wasn't Me" [Video & Lyrics]

It's hard to fathom exactly how incredible Panic en La Playa must be to WSP fans who are able to make the trip.  Four nights.  Stage right on the beach.  Staying on site at an all-inclusive resort.

After a blowout show on first night of the fourth edition of this destination festival, the band had a little something up their sleeves on night two.

Coming out of drums, the band debuted a new original "I Swear It Wasn't Me".  Here's video of the bluesy, very Panic sounding number which clocked in at over 8 minutes courtesy of YouTuber MrTopdogger.

And here are lyrics courtesy of PanicStream.

I swear it wasn't me, I promised not to do it again
I swear it wasn't me, I promised you might never catch me doing it again
I swear it wasn't me

I wasn't that blue cat you got
Lawd, so many dreams, my life didn't look nothing different than what I got
I swear it wasn't you, I swear it wasn't me too

I don't think it was Charlie...
I won't tease anybody, I know the job
Lawd, and I know it wasn't me

Blame it on the dog, blame it on the moon
Blame it on the whiskey, missed it cause you got home too soon
Charlie bothered me, oh Sally Sue
Lawd, that blue cat coming to you

It wasn't me and I swear I'll never do it again
I swear it wasn't me child, lawd
Never, never, do it again

Setlist - Widespread Panic 1/25/15 - Panic en La Playa Cuatro

Set One: Tall Boy > All Time Low > Little Lilly > Sleeping Man, Coconut > Walk On > Cotton Was King > Bust It Big (66 mins )

Set Two: Chainsaw City > Visiting Day, Rebirtha > JAM* > Ribs and Whiskey, Driving Song > Shut Up and Drive > Party At Your Mama's House (That Thang) > Drumz > Swear It Wasn't Me ** > Driving Song > Breathing Slow (113 mins)

Encore: Me and The Devil Blues, Heaven (13 mins)

Notes: * Not Fade Away > Jessica > Not Fade Away Tease (ABB)
** FTP

[Setlist via PanicStream.com]

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