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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Post Animal





Empty Bottle


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Up-and-coming Chicago psych-rock band Post Animal will perform an intimate show at Empty Bottle as part of Goose Island's "312 Day" promotions. A stellar live show in one of the city's best venues, this one's highly recommended. 

What We Say

Chicago-based POST ANIMAL are a band of brothers. Though they formed in 2014 and just began touring in 2017, their affinity for slick riffs, pop hooks, and psychedelic tendencies join them in a bond much tighter than their years suggest. Initially formed when childhood friends, bassist Dalton Allison and guitarist Matt Williams, met keyboardist and guitarist Jake Hirshland, the band’s sound began to take shape when the three enlisted some more pals from both the Chicago music scene and through their time working at local burger joints. Rounding out the band’s lineup, POST ANIMAL is completed by drummer Wesley Toledo and guitarist Javi Reyes. BUNNY, a four-piece led by Jessica Viscius on vocals and guitar. Much like cough syrup, their sound mixes deliriously sweet n’ slow 60’s pop songs with sardonically deadpan lyrics. BUNNY toes the bleary line between dream pop and bedroom rock. Their tunes take on a soft grunge feel, mixing dainty, pretty melodies with hazy, sardonic lyrics and juxtaposing the music with a dramatic stage presence.


Watch the band perform "Gelatin Mode."