Andrew Bird Announces New Album

Songwriter and violinist Andrew Bird announced a new album, Echolocations: River, to be released October 6.

The eight-track LP follows Echolocations: Canyon, released in 2015, making it the second release in a series of instrumental albums where Bird writes and records music in a specific outdoor setting.

For Echolocations: River, Bird literally stood in the Los Angeles River for the recording. Fans can preorder the physical release here

Bird recently announced his Chicago-based Gezelligheid dates, taking place at 4th Presbyterian Church December 11 and 14.

Below, read the tracklist for Echolocations: River and watch an on-site performance from the recording, where Bird walks through a river running between massive concrete walls.

Echolocations: River Tracklist:

1. The Cormorants

2. Ellipses

3. Lazuli Bunting

4. Gypsy Moth

5. Black-Crowned Night-Heron

6. Down Under The Hyperion Bridge

7. Dear Killdear

8. The Green Heron

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