Infographic | David Byrne's Argument For Federal Funding Of Public Arts

By: Alex Wood

David Byrne has remained an outspoken opponent of recently proposed cuts to publicly funded art programs and the library system, and recently gave a short speech at a City Hall rally protesting such cuts.

The singer then took to his blog, in classic well-spoken and literate David Byrne fashion, to spell out his exact reasoning for opposing these budget cuts.

Though it’s absolutely worth reading Byrne’s post, his points include:

  • Art can lower crime rates, raise property values, and lower rates of child abuse
  • The cuts would amount to less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the federal budget
  • Non-profit arts generate $135.2 billion in economic activity in the US annually

To further drive his points home, Byrne posted an excellent infographic, which you can view below. Read Byrne’s full blog post here.

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