An Alphabet Soup of Spotlight Shows This Weekend: LBF or HISB

You want options?  We've got options, even in the 'burbs.  While the Melvin / Terrapin Flyer combo represents a perfect hybrid of local and national flavors for next weekend.  The Barn is spotlighting two shows this Saturday, 6/11, that will provide some variety as to how you whet your live music appetite.

If you're looking for a unique taste of New Orleans bayou country...

Check out Honey Island Swamp Band at Fitzgerald's this Saturday, a genuine NOLA band we've had on our radar for a while now.  Their tunes have such tight, infectious grooves, I might have included them in The Barn's List of Americana Bands To Watch, had I known about them at the time.

If you want a full course of a local band that's scratching and clawing its way around the Chicago scene...

Check out Little Big Fat at Brixie's this Saturday, these old school friends of The Barn have been cranking-out original music (check out their debut CD On A Stick) laced with intriguing covers (from War to The Allmans to Ween to Phish) at some of Chicago's most serious venues.  A full night at Brixie's is sure to allow them to stretch out and do some jamming with their new keyboard player.

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