Bill Wirtz' Regretful Letter On Led Zeppelin Cancellation After Bonham's Death

Once in a while, you get reminded of the little things that seperate today's concert industry from days gone by.

Yesterday, I found this photo posted to a local Facebook group, and that fact became more than crystal clear.  The letter, posted soon after Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's untimely passing in September of 1980, dealt with the further complication of having already sold tickets to a forthcoming Zeppelin Chicago appearance.

Imagine receiving this letter today.  From the owner of the Blackhawks.  On stationery from the venue (the now demolished Chicago Stadium).  With a returned check.

Leave it to notoriously oblivious Bill Wirtz to stick his foot in his mouth to insert a sales pitch for upcoming sporting events (Bulls!  Blackhawks! Chicago Sting indoor soccer!) and the goddamn Ice Capades in a letter about the passing of a legendary musician.

Need more information?  Just call our office (no area code necessary).

Wondering how many tickets $62 got you in 1980?

Four.  Though apparently there was a $0.50 service charge.


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