Can You Make The World's Worst Phish Shirt?

Low Times recently held a contest to see who could make the worst band shirt and received over 1000 submissions.  Through the miracle technology at, one just needs to select a font, text, shirt color and then choose from the worst set of public domain art imaginable.  I wanted to offer a challenge to my readers to make a Phish shirt that can be effectively labeled the world's worst.  Here's how (cribbed unapologetically from

Go to

  1. Add your text
  2. Add artwork from their collection of truly awful choices
  3. Click “Save Design”
  4. In the “Name Design” section write “AwfulPhish” (no space between words)
  5. For “Your Email Address” write your email address. Then, forward your confirmation email from CustomInk to

I'll post the best of what I received in a little while and if I receive enough entries, maybe even do some online voting.  Here's five I made to get you started...

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