Chicago's Top Phish-loving Chef, Frankenstein Desconstructed, The Amazing Clickable Infographic,More

Not sure if it was the intent of the piece, but after reading about Chef Ryan Poli's huge love of Phish and inspiration he gets from music, I'll be visiting his Chicago restaurant soon.

After having a picture of Phish covering on our front page for the last couple of months, I just had to revisit this brilliant Chuck Klosterman piece describing a video of Edgar Winter performing the classic instrumental in wonderful detail

Los Lobos' Steve Berlin calls Paul Simon a "fucking asshole" in this Rock Cellar interview.  Did The Onion writer know that when they published this hilarious POV piece as Paul (I'm Proud Of All My Songs, Even The Ones I Stole From Open Mic Nights)

Chicago's Congress Theater announces a renovation.  Oh boy.

Now THIS is how you do Infographics.  Of course, it comes from the folks at the magnificent Brooklyn Bowl.  How are plans for a Chicago outpost coming?

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