Dawes & Blitzen Trapper Photos, Drinking and Working Out With Jambands & HD WSP Iron Man

1. One of my favorite local blogs, The Are The Imitators, is featuring a sweet photo set from the Dawes / Blitzen Trapper show at the Metro last Thursday

2. Chicagoist Drinkifies several Chicago Bands.  For fun here's the link to some of our jambands, Chicago based and otherwise:  Umphrey's McGee (cold Bud Light), Cornmeal (garnish with pickled carrot sticks), Mr. Blotto (whiskey & sour), Phish (bourbon, vodka & ice cream), Widespread Panic (brown liquor, neat), Grateful Dead (gin & juice?!?)

3. I was just hipped to Live Music Blog's Hippie Workout Mixes.  Can't wait to give these a spin.

4. Lots of cool Groupon news this week.  Have you seen this Groupon interview with Stasik and Bayliss that is oh so Umphrey's McGee?

5. The High Definition Widespread Panic Iron Man from Halloween at the Aragon

Five Great Links is a combination of web destinations and videos that I think are worthy of a click.  My goal is to spotlight material relevant to our local music scene, articles that make you think or pieces that are generally underexposed.  Your tips are always welcome.   I’ll save these up, and when I reach five great ones, I put up a post – simple as that.


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