Friday Linkafication: Google Doodle Phish Edition

Last week, I called Paul Simon a "class act", after reading this, I may have to reevaluate. Disclosure, in no way does it reduce the awesomeness of the video below.

A bevy of Prince covers in honor of his birthday earlier this week.

The blogs at The Trib offer an interview with funkiest of the funky:  Bootsy Collins

A list of 10 musicians who keep getting cooler as they age (via flavorwire).

Do you believe in (Van) Ghosts?  Metromix local Q&A with Van Ghost leader Michael Harrison Berg.

The Google Les Paul doodle was a huge hit this week.  Here are some of my favorite Phish / Dead renditions:

Divided Sky
Heavy Things (a pretty successful use of chords)
First Tube


Paul and David together in NYC

It's Bonnaroo weekend.  The festival with everything now has its own theme song

STS9 Covers Shakedown Street @ Wakarusa last weekend

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