Friday Linkafication: The Interview Edition

Among other things, we're featuring some great interviews of some of our favorite musicians in this week's Linkafication...

Glide Magazine talks with Chicago-area resident, and both former and present Flecktone, Howard Levy

The AV Club exchanges a few words with Megafaun's Phil Cook

Relix has an outstanding retrospective look at MMW's 20 year career featuring multiple interviews

I love a good investigative piece about music, and this one gets deep into the highly publicized Phish fan parking lot beat down over bootlegged merchandise that took place earlier this month in Denver (via West Word)

This makes me happy: Spotify responsible for a decrease in music piracy

Kevin Browing describes the inspiration and process of making the Umphrey's McGee Wellwishers guerilla-style video (check it out below)


Not all interviews are in print... the incomparable Jimmy Herring:

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