Friday Linkafication: Tweedy & Wilco Are Nerds Who Love Rush Edition

In a nice interview with the Montreal Gazette, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy reveals a deep appreciation for Canada's most famous power trio.

Tweedy: (Laughs) Yeah, I love Rush and I have a deep appreciation of them as people and as a band, more so now than when I was growing up, being a punk rock fan and there being a line in the sand at least at some point. And I heard it so much growing up around St. Louis – it was such a huge, huge thing that I was repelled by it. But I’ve always had a soft spot, maybe in a closeted kind of way, and I don’t have anything at this point in my life that I consider a guilty pleasure. I think that Rush has certainly earned their place, and I actually see a lot of similarities now in the way that they’ve existed … I mean, certainly we haven’t had the massive success that they’ve had, but there’s something really familiar to me about them. (Laughs) I just think that they’re nerds, and I feel like Wilco’s full of nerds, so I think that that’s probably the same thing.

NPR wished Bill Monroe a very happy birthday with this awesome mix.

From the Dallas Observer, the interesting and hopeful story of the 69 year old jamband fan.

Bob Lefsetz discusses "The Dead Thing"

Not music related, but Fox is considering an all-Simpsons Channel

Video Time!

Umphrey's McGee busted out "Peg" last night.  Here's a video to give a bit of insight into how this classic track was cut by the Dan.

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