Greensky Bluegrass Pays Tribute To The Last Waltz @ State Theatre | Setlists / Audio 11/25 & 26, 2016

Photo: Kristine Condon (Greensky Bluegrass Facebook)

Greensky Bluegrass have made a Thanksgiving run in their Kalamazoo hometown a tradition since the very beginning.  Coming at the end of intense touring years, these shows typically represent the culmination of everything the band has been up to, and whether in the Bell's back room, or in more recent years, the Kalamazoo State, have certainly been appointment showgoing.

But 2016, on the heels of another strong album release, saw them up the ante.  This holiday weekend marks the 40th anniversary of The Band's "Last Waltz", the guest filled farewell show filmed by Martin Scorcese and released as perhaps the greatest concert film of all time.  Paul Hoffman participated in a Boulder celebration of the event last week, and must have gotten some ideas...

The band invited opener Joshua Davis and members of his band for a third set / super encore on Saturday which featured cuts from the iconic film, the rare Greenksy drumset / electric guitar appearance and, even Anders Beck taking a vocal turn on "The Weight".

Which is not to say the rest of the show, and the weekend was without highlights.  This just came as the capper to four sets filled with and puncutated by outstanding versions of the band's newest material.  We can listen to it all thanks to YEMJAMBOY (11/26) and -sam (11/25).

Completed annotated setslists via Andrew Sturtz of Camp Greensky follow.

Download Entire Show (via




Download Entire Show (via


11/26/2016 State Theater

Set 1
Hold On
Run or Die 
Less Than Supper
Handle with care
Forget everything 
Tied down
Merely avoiding
While waiting
Leap year

Set 2
Wings for wheels 
I'd probably kill you 
Broke mountain breakdown >
Old barns
More of me
Just to lie
Windshield >
Shape I'm in

Set 3
Cripple Creek (1)
Down south in New Orleans (2)
Helpless (2)
Don't do it (3)

The Weight (2)

(1) - w/ Joshua Davis, Rachel Davis, Dominick Davis, Mike Lynch, Michael shimmin, Bruzza on drums, no devol

(2) - everyone, plus Devol on electric bass

(3) - w/ Joshua Davis, Rachel Davis, Dominick Davis, Mike Lynch, Michael shimmin, Bruzza on drums, Devol on tambourine


11/25/16 - Kalamazoo, MI

Set 1:
Past My Prime
Living Over
Room Without a Roof (1)
White House Blues
Worried about the Weather
Delta 88 (2)
Last Winter in the Copper Country (2)
In Control 》
Can't Stop Now (3)(4)

Set 2:
The Four 》
Train Junkie
Fixin to Ruin 
Burn Them
Take Cover
Cryin Holy Unto the Lord
All Four (5)
Dancing in the Dark

Miss September

(1) "Just Listening" tease prior to song
(2) With Josh Davis
(3) "Shout" lyrics over "Can't Stop Now" 
(4) "Shout" teases
(5) "Demons" tease



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