It's Pink Floyd Week!

Inspired by Live Music Blog, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and other sources that dedicated the week's worth of content to Pink Floyd in celebration of their recent album remasters, I thought I'd be fashionably late with a Pink Floyd week of my own.  Of course, for The Barn that means showcasing Pink Floyd content that is related to:

  • the great city of Chicago
  • visuals / charts / graphs, and
  • the host of other bands that The Barn loves to keep tabs on

Keep checking here for new content updated each day during Pink Floyd Week.  Just for fun, I'm starting the week on a Wednesday and also kick-starting coverage with the best Floyd-related material that I've cultivated from around the web over the last couple of weeks.

The Barn's Pink Floyd Week Coverage

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Wednesday - Stream, Download & Photos:  Pink Floyd @ Rosemont Horizon 9/26/87

Thursday - The Pink Floyd Band Member Timeline - 40 Years of Milestones and History

Friday - The Wall @ Wrigley in 2012? Listen to It's Last Chicago Area Performance 9/21/10

Saturday - Staying Power:  The Dark Side of The Moon Infographic

Sunday - Day Off

Monday - Pink Floyd at Chicago's Auditorium Theater, April 28, 1971

Tuesday - The Ultimate Pink Floyd Venn Diagram & Two More Fun Charts

Wednesday - The Pink Floyd Mystery Jam, Can You Identify It?


Pink Floyd Week Coverage from Around The Web

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What could be the ultimate Floyd career retrospective from Consequence of Sound

Nick Mason reveals some good tidbits about the state of Pink Floyd in 2011

The Pink Floyd Pig flies again

The Best of Floyd week on Late Night - Pearl Jam tackling "Mother"

More from Nick Mason (via Wall Street Journal)...



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