Jeff Austin Is Looking Backward & Forward For Spring Tour | Win Evanston SPACE Prize Pack


Something's brewing at Jeff Austin Headquarters.

About to set off on a Spring tour of the East and Midwest, he's going digging through the closet of his songbook to bring back some old favorites.  To hear him tell it on his Facebook page:

Over the last few months I've been bringing back some older songs i used to play out live…from covers like No Expectations and Sideshow Blues to original music like Snow on the Pines, Ten and Half Moon Rising. It took me a while to feel the desire to bring these older tunes back…wanting to dive head first into a whole new world filled with new music…new ideas i couldn't wait to show you all. Yet…as these older songs saw the light of day again i couldn't deny just how much i missed them…how much i longed to sing those words again…to hear you all sing them along with me…to feel those chords under my fingers…to hear the guys play these numbers with new energy and fresh musical perspective.

Well…the seal has been broken…they are all coming raging back.

Every day before i leave for the next tour I'll be making demos for the band to show them the new slew of tunes that will be added to our arsenal. So far it's 35 and counting. Most songs that i haven't played in years…i was racing through youtube to remember some of the verses. Of course there are a bunch of new tracks in there, too…but…i am so excited to see where these old friends head to next.

He's updated fans a few times since them.  Looks like demos have been made for "What The Night Brings", "East Nashville Easter", "New Horizons" and "Free To Run".  He's cooking up some newer stuff and dusting off some old covers ("Crazy", "Paul & Silas"), too.

For longtime fans, here's a chance to see some of the old favorites back in the rotation again.  So why not come out to SPACE in Evanston on March 30th?

Our friends in Railway Gamblers head north to support Jeff on this night, so it should be a beginning-to-end party.

We'll even set a couple of our readers up with a pair of free tickets, a copy of Jeff's The Simple Truth CD, and Railway Gamblers' latest release Shadow of The Moon and their debut Heart Of The Sun.  Entering is easy.

1. Send us an email with the subject “jAb” to info @ — in the body tell us your full name, the name of a friend you'd like to take and the Austin song you'd most like to see revived for this tour.

That’s it. You’re entered. We’ll notify the winner on the day before the show.  But if you want a few extra entries, let’s get social…

2. Find the link to this page in our Facebook timeline. LIKE it, and tag the friend you’d like to take in the comments — that’ll give you a boost. Be sure to LIKE The Barn on Facebook for it to count!

3. Find our tweet about this page in our Twitter timeline. RETWEET it and that will give you one more boost. Be sure to FOLLOW @thebarnpresents on Twitter.

4. Have a look at Jeff and the band tackling Phish's "Waste".  No extra entries, but damn cool!

Jeff's complete spring tour schedule.


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