The Most Insufferable Hipster Bands, The Amazing Shit-tar, Prince United Center Stage Setup, More...

Okay, I like some of these bands -- some an awful lot -- but it is nice to see critic's darlings get raked over the coals a bit in LA Weekly's list of worst "hipster bands"

Disappointment department.  Pearl Jam is playing a corporate event in October and this guy is pissed about it.

Ever seen a shit-tar?  Wood Brothers have got one for you in this ingenious cover of Michael Jackson's PYT

Not sure if the Internet has been one yet, but its getting pretty close in Grateful Dead circles: Phil Lesh Being A Weirdo

NBC Reported on the death of astronaut 'Neil Young'... but thankfully NY is alive, well and covering other Canadians: his tribute to The Band

See where your favorites placed on the list of 30 richest drummers (Fishman 17, Mickey & Billy 24 & 25).

Finally, I'm pumped for Prince at the UC later this month.  Even more so after seeing the in the round format and stage layout.  Dig it...

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