Photo Gallery & Video: Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ City Winery 6/25/14

Photos: Rickie Kostiner


Preservation Hall Jazz Band is a lot of things.  An institution.  An unbelievably great time. A slice of the real New Orleans.  A wide range of tones, sounds and rhythmns.  Now I can officially add to that list: photogenic.


Yep, there is something about seeing generations of men, who embrace, live and tour behind the jazz that made New Orleans famous work their magic on stage.  And having a backdrop as fine as Chicago's City Winery outpost to set them in? It's no wonder that Rickie Kostiner's photography captures so much of the joy and spontaneity that comes through in this group's sound.


Rickie provided a few notes with her submission. "Every one of these musicians is basically its own band. Music runs through their veins, and its obvious."

We're also lucky to have some video from the Winery to share with you, courtesy of via YouTube.  Have a listen to this traditional jazz (actually recorded the night before Rickie's visit) for a taste of what kind of music was made that night.  But this just a taste... the live show runs that gamut from Louis Armstrong covers to some high energy, dance grooves -- the combination of which plays out like a jazz history lesson in the course of a single night.

Scroll past to see the rest of Rickie's amazing gallery.

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