Photos / Recap: The Revivalists & Bone Boys Living Funk Addiction @ Concord Music Hall 3/7/14

I think I might have discovered the most fun job in the music business: the guy who makes up the names for the FiyaWerx productions super jams.

In concert with Chicago's SilverWrapper, the team that conceived of FiyaFest, FiyaWater, FiyaAid, and WildFiya brought Bone Boys Living Funk Addiction  -- a mashup of players and styles from Fishbone, The Lee Boys, Living Colour, P-Funk, and Jane's Addiction -- to the Concord Music Hall in Chicago on March 7th.


While New Orleans may be the spiritual home for these types of one-off crazy jams, we're lucky that The Bone Boys spent an evening in Chicago supporting a fine NOLA export: The Revivalists.

The Revivalists, in the midst of a lengthy tour that well find them showcasing at SXSW later this week, had Concord rocking until almost 2 am.  To me, they feel like a perfect "crossover" act, steeped in Crescent City musical tradition and sense of adventure, but with a broad appeal that could find them as NOLA rock ambassadors to the mainstream.


They feature a mixture of horns, pedal steel and the commanding vocals and stage presence of David Shaw.  Yet, the band remains ever humble amongst their influences; they even got Corey Glover to lend his voice to a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer".

Rickie Kostiner was on hand to capture photos of this event for The Barn.  Click individual thumbnails for the full size pictures below.

Revialists Setlist:

Concrete, Masquerade, Not Turn Away, Common Cents, Monster, Elementary, Navigate, Keep Going, Appreciate Me 2, Bullet Proof, Catching Fireflies, Stand Up, Souls Too Loud, Criminal, Closer

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