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There was a lot of weight put on Living Colour when they arrived on the scene to "save rock" in the 80s.  Fierce, bold, guitar-driven and black -- most folks never saw them coming before they were all over MTV and radio.  Over 30 years later, they’re still around and still rocking as hard as ever, with the same social consciousness that helped put them on the map.

Arriving at City Winery to support their newest release Shade – their first studio album in eight years -- there was a mix of the new and the classics.  Vocalist Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, drummer Will Calhoun, and bassist Doug Wimbish deftly blended afro-punk, blues, metal and funk into their sound.

Living Colour  Sep 3 2017 Cw.NEF corey glover cw (1) Vernon Reed Will Calhoun Fwd: Living Colour

Check out their show-closing take on the Grammy winning "Cult of Personality" - as fresh and relevant now as ever.

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