Strand Of Oaks Covers Phish's Dirt

Now, winning the Paul Hoffman of Greenksy Bluegrass look-a-like contest isn't the only jamband connection for one of our favorite songwriters.

Timothy Showalter, whose Strand Of Oaks project is never far from our playlists, has recorded his second Lagniappe Session for Aquarium Drunkard and has included a surprise cover of Phish's "Dirt" -- after being turned on to the band at last summer's Wrigley Field shows.  Showalter gushes...

If anyone ever has doubts about Phish, please just go to a concert. Being basically hugged by 30,000 people is hard to combat against.  I needed those fans and needed those four wonderful musicians that night. I chose “Dirt” simply because it basically has the same chord structure of an Oaks song (which is good because I don’t know that many). Its also just a beautiful melody.

Read a bit more, and have a listen to the cover, along with takes on Primal Scream and Stone Roses tunes at Aquarium Drunkard.

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