Stream Or Download: Lowell George @ Park West 6/15/79

This Park West recording marked the first date of Lowell George's last tour, the singer's untimely death to follow by precisely two weeks.

Having been central in Little Feat disbanding months prior, this was George's first tour without the band. The set contained a number of songs from Thanks, I'll Eat It Here, George's only studio album, with Little Feat songs filling in the remainder.

With a constant roots-rock stomp and the ever-present horns, this show sounds like Little Feat circa 1973, distinctly different from the band they had become.

Valuable past its historical importance, this is a recording you need to hear.

Lowell George - guitar, vocals
Lee Thornburg - trumpet
Jerry Jumonville - saxes
Peter Wasner - piano
Armando Compean - bass
Don Heffington - drums
Fred Tackett - guitar
Eddie Zip - background vocals, organ
Maxine Dixon - background vocals

The Stream

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