Stream or Download: Soundgarden @ Aragon Ballroom 11/9/96

I have to admit, I hadn't listened to Soundgarden in a long time. Then, as if all worked out in advance, I recently saw that they were returning to Chicago in 2013 and within about an hour, this live show recorded in Chicago during their 90s heyday just kind of fell into my lap.  So, rather than dive into the new album (King Animal) to reacquaint myself, I figured I'd go down the nostalgia route.

All the elements that made them such a phenomenon are right here -- heavy, fast, and kinda screamy-- ripping through both the deep cuts and the tracks that made them certifiable hard rock royalty.  Though it is clear that my tastes have let's say matured,  I certainly hope Chris Cornell has done some growing up, too.  The stage banter is comically, groan-inducingly bad, but doesn't take away from some of the power of their best songs, especially the feedback laden, eleven minute show closer of "Jesus Christ Pose".

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