Video: Widespread Panic's "Time Traveling Neil Young Trip"

One of the highlights of Panic's NYE run was the opening trio of Neil Young covers from Time Fades Away, Young's '73 Live Set that has never seen a proper CD release due to his inherent Neil Young-ness.  However, JB points out that it was one of the only vinyl albums that the band had in their house in the early days, which surely led to repeated listenings.

Hardcore Panic fans will recognize "Don't Be Denied" which has been a delightful rarity for many years.  But the other covers were both debuts for Panid, the titular "Time Fades Away" and "Journey Through The Past," which appears to be have suggested by JoJo at a band rehearsal a few weeks prior, a moment that was also caught on film.

Here's pretty cool black and white footage of what JB calls "our time-traveling Neil Young trip" from Phillips Arena on December 31st, 2013.

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