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The Mountain Goats




Empty Bottle









The Mountain Goats have a long history with the Empty Bottle, and will return to the venue to play an intimate show in celebration of the venue's 25th anniversary. 

What We Say

If you've read the Empty Bottle book, edited by John E. Dugan & published by Curbside Splendor last June, you've read the forward was written by John Darnielle, lead singer of THE MOUNTAIN GOATS. The indie-folk band from California first played the Bottle in 1994, and this #EB25 performance will be their seventh appearance. It's obvious the critical role THE MOUNTAIN GOATS have played in the history of Empty Bottle, and we are so excited to welcome our friends back! Their 16th studio album, Goths, will be released May 19th via Merge Records.  **THE MOUNTAN GOATS have partnered with Plus 1 to add $1 to each of their concert tickets, with proceeds going to a recipient organization of their choice. This $1 has been added in to the ticket price. Plus 1 helps artistsreate ways to educate and engage  their audience about the cause through presence at shows amd  long-term outreach that lets fans know the impact they are making. ** Third round of #EB25 shows is upon us, & we're bringing back even more influential bands of Bottle's past. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.


Watch the Mountain Goats perform the epic "No Children" at Empty Bottle in 2004.