Beck Debuts New Sound On Surprise Single “Dreams”


Beck remained silent for a period of time after winning a Grammy for album of the year for last year’s Morning Phase. Now, the acclaimed singer-songwriter is back with surprise single “Dreams,” a polar opposite sound from his last record.

From the opening riff, the song flaunts a disco-leaning dance beat, Beck’s vocals sounding almost sexy over the funky backdrop. The chorus is a blatant pop hook, catchy and fun, the opposite of the heavy, acoustic Morning Phase.

“Dreams/ She’s making me hot,” the chorus repeats, quickly followed by an 80s synthesizer line.

A fuzzy guitar breakdown in the middle adds the depth one expects from Beck, slowing down slightly without losing energy, giving way to a bridge before returning to the hook.

This may be the most fun Beck song since Guero, something fans are certainly going to appreciate.

While no details of any upcoming releases exist, it is know that Beck has a large number of songs recorded, including collaborative sessions with Pharrell, Jack White and more. Regardless, “Dreams” is a reason for fans to be optimistic as to any of the singer’s future releases.

Listen to “Dreams” below.

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