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When Bieber Met Gordon, How Nickleback Sucks (The Money Out Of Fans' Pockets), Why MTV Is Vapid

Justin Bieber hanging out with his Jewish Grandmother (aka Phish's Mike Gordon) via @dankanter instagram.Everybody hates Nickleback, right? Everybody except BusinessWeek who goes into detail about the band's "genius" business modelThese types of deliberately viral videos typically do suck, but this one is funny and right on the money.

InfoGraphic: History of the Music Video

We had so much fun with our Talking Heads video feature and the Yo Gabba Gabba vs. MTV chart, we'll stick with videos at least one more time.This time, the clinging for relevancy folks at myspace offer a classic vertical timeline of the music video, from 1964 to the present. Beatles? Check. Michael Jackson? Check. "...

Music Television: MTV vs. Yo Gabba Gabba

Bringing together our recent Talking Heads video retrospective with some of the characteristics of our suburban (with kids) readership, its time we drag out the old "whatever happened to music on MTV" cliche. Done right, in Infographic form, this clever chart plucked from, features this month's Relix cover boy DJ Lance Rock, the...