Budos Band Stories

Video: Budos Band - "Chicago Falcon"

Chicago very much approves of "Chicago Falcon", the crazy funky lead-off track from the Budos Band's second LP. Here's a great video from an August 21, 2010 performance in Austin.

The Barn's Greater Chicago Festival Guide - Summer 2012

We've creeped past the solstice marker and are entering the heart of festival season in the Midwest. The oddest trend for 2012 seems to be festivals moving locations, which no less than five of the fests that we are tracking declaring a new home this year. Here's our roundup of the most intriguing camping and / or...

Friday Linkafication

Two great links from the Trib's Greg Kot this week: 20 Years of Pearl Jam Quotes and Celebrating 40 Years of Soul Train in Millenium ParkThe New York Times asks you to imagine the Rolling Stones without KeithFestival!! Bands That Jam provide 5 must-see shows at this weekend's North Coast Festival in Chicago. Enthusiatic seconding for STS9, Van...