The Heavy Pets Stories

Long Live Jambands: Three Types (and 16 Examples) Of Bands Keeping The Jam Torch Burning

"Jambands are dead! Long live jambands!" That's a bit of wordplay that my friends and I have been tossing around since sometime in the early 2000s.There is a roughly 15 year stretch -- from "Touch Of Grey" being released as a single in 1987 to the inaugural Bonnaroo in 2002 -- that represents the last era ofpeak...

Video: The Heavy Pets with Roosevelt Collier & Friends @ The Back Room 4/12/13

Panic fans love to keep the party going. Here's a video from an after-show party on Friday night featuring Florida's The Heavy Pets and a bevy of special guests.Billie JeanJam > SuperstiiousThe Heavy Pets + Roosevelt Collier w/ Isaiah Sharkey, Rico Harmon, Paul Hall, Nick Peraino and Cole DeGenova

Widespread Panic Fan's Guide To Chicago - Spring 2013

There have been hiatuses, New Year's Runs, Wood Tours, and gigs En La Playa, but there hasn't been a full on electric TOUR from Widespread Panic, since they stepped off the stage in Chicago on Halloween 2011. That changes this week in St. Louis, but the first weekend stop finds them bunking down in our city...