On TV | Umphrey’s McGee’s Late-Night Bonnaroo Set

On TV features a quick recap of some of the music we’re playing at the Tomorrow’s Verse headquarters.

Who: Umphrey’s McGee

What: A pro-shot video of their entire late-night Bonnaroo set, which captures both an incredible musical performance as well as the band’s intense stage precense and light show.

You Need To Know: There’s something a little magical about the combination of Umphrey’s and Bonnaroo, but especially in this set, recently shared by Redbull.TV, a regular sponsor of the festival. Firstly, this is the band’s ninth time at Bonnaroo, which has been around 15 years. Secondly, this set was the result of another artist, Simon Posford of Shpongle, being unable to attend the festival due to visa issues. Despite the last-minute lineup change, Umphrey’s brought some serious jams to the festival, which largely lacked jam-band flare this year, in a set built around “Bridgeless” that included a killer “1348” and a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar.”

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