New Tunes | This Week’s 10 Best Songs [8/10/17]

With a neverending flow of good music constantly being released, Tomorrow's Verse will keep you up to date on our favorite new tracks released this week. 

Queens Of The Stone Age – “The Evil Has Landed”

The second track released from QOTSA’s upcoming album is a lengthier psych-rock track that owes more than a little to classic rock. Aggressive bass and tight drumming keeps the track together beneath wandering guitar solos and a crunchy riff, making the song everything fans could want from the band.

The War On Drugs – “Pain”

There are few upcoming studio albums we’re more excited about than The War On Drugs’ A Deeper Understanding. “Pain,” the band’s newest single, feels light as a feather, with delicate, wispy vocals delivered over layered guitars and reverb-drenched piano. It’s a gorgeous psych ballad and a sound unmistakably their own.

Twin Peaks – “Shake Your Lonely”

Chicago’s favorite garage-rockers Twin Peaks return with another set of songs as part of their “Sweet ’17 Singles” series, where the five-piece essentially experiment with new ideas in the studio. This catchy, chilled-out track features female vocals and horns, finding the band’s love of 60s rock well intact.

The National – “Carin At The Liquor Store”

The newest single from The National’s upcoming record is another gorgeous song built around clean piano, simple drums and Matt Berninger’s baritone vocals. The lyrics match the song’s mood, building to a spacey guitar solo at the end. Quite simply, this is what The National do best.

Destroyer – “Sky’s Grey”

Though always changing his overall sound, few band’s have as distinct a sound as Dan Bejar’s Destroyer. His newest song begins sparse and bare, before building to a massive climax, with synthesizers, keyboards, and layers of guitars creating a gorgeous, atmospheric sound. If this is any sign of where his next record is headed, then count us in.

Neil Young – “Hitchiker”

Neil Young’s unreleased record, Hitchhiker, is set to be released later this year, and the first glimpse of it comes via the title track. It’s a beautiful acoustic take that captures Young at his rawest, singing about drug use. To say we’re excited for the rest of this record would be a massive understatement.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “The Curse”

The always prolific Bonnie “Prince” Billy recently released a cover of The Mekons’ “The Curse,” complete with a silly music video depicting the artist’s New Orleans funeral. He teamed up with “The Roots Of Music,” an after-school program founded by a member of The Rebirth Brass Band, who offer bright horns and background vocals throughout.

Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker – “SpiderBeetleBee”

We’re never shy about our love of Chicago guitarist Ryley Walker, who has been collaborating often with fellow finger-picker Bill MacKay. The two have announced a new record with a tour to follow, and the first release from the album is a simple instrumental featuring some of the finest acoustic performances imaginable, a gorgeous, deceptively complex and timeless track.

Hamilton Leithauser – “Road To Nowhere”

Leithauser has been prolific since the demise of The Walkmen, and a recent “Amazon Open Road Playlist” found the artist contributing this Talking Heads cover. The songwriter transforms the track into a piano-based sing-along, using lush instrumentation to build throughout. Creative but respecting, it’s a fantastic cover.

Prophets Of Rage – “Radical Eyes”

The newest track from political supergroup Prophets Of Rage is everything one would expect, with Tom Morello’s insanely heavy guitar and Tim Commerford’s commanding bass underlining the vocalists’ angry lyrics.

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