A YEMSG Infographic and Chance To Win Some Phishy Prizes

As the Phish world prepares for the tenth Madison Square Garden Phish New Year's Eve show, our friends at the Mockingbird Foundation are busy celebrating the occasion.

This infographic isn't as data intensive as, say, our Phish Rotation Chart or Tour Announcement Chart, but it does have some nice graphics, provides a cool reminder of the previous nine celebrations, and references another of Mockingbird's finest achievements:  The Third Edition Phish Companion, a 898 page, full-color reference which is the most comprehsensive (and lovely) Phish book ever put to print.

Those page numbers below will point you to where you can find more info about each MSG NYE gig.

Do some investigation (or just go from memory) and you can win a copy of the volume, plus more, from Mockingbird and their friends.  You'll just need to pick your favorite of the nine previous stunts -- see details below.

If you can't leave it to chance, there are less than 1000 copies left, so get yours today!




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