Chance’s Birthday Party Raises $100,000 For Chicago Kids, Features Best Cake Ever

By: Alex Wood | Photos: @batterbear91 & @chancetherapper

After donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools last month, Chance The Rapper continued his charitable streak by raising $100,000 for charity at a birthday event.

The birthday party took place on April 16 at the trendy Studio Paris Nightclub, with performances from T-Pain, Ludacris and Chance throughout the night, where the rapper turned 24 years old.

With tickets available to the public, attendees spent anywhere from $100 for admission to $2,500 for a VIP table.

The event raised $100,000 for Chance’s local youth charity, SocialWorks, a program that aims to encourage leadership to the youth of Chicago through arts, education, and civic engagement.

Beyond the local charity, Chance notably had a birthday cake made to resemble his favorite Chicago meal, a seven-piece wing combo from Harold’s Chicken with a bottle of Mistic kiwi-strawberry.

Designed by Alliance Bakery, the cake took weeks to design and, frankly, turned out looking amazing.


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