Full Show, Pro Shot Video: Phish's 1998 Appearance at Bridge School Benefit with Neil Young

It was fifteen years ago today that Phish entered the final stretch of the unfortunately short "Neil Young Phase" of their career, which lasted a scant fifteen days, from 10/3/98's Farm Aid Benefit outside of Chicago, to playing a pair of sets at Neil's annual Bridge School Benefit at Shoreline Ampitheater in advance of their fall tour on October 17th & 18th.

I recently stumbled across (nearly) full show, pro-shot footage of both nights of this benefit.  These have long been "go-to" sets when I'm in the mood for Phish on the lighter side, but that doesn't been they skimp on the things we love.  In my opinion, though short, these sets are a bit more adventurous than their 3.0 counterpart (the Festival 8 acoustic set), featuring an acoustic "Guyute", "Piper", "Harry Hood" and of course a sit in from Neil himself.

[phishnet date="1998-10-17" apikey="FEE04934010D2C826D52"]

[phishnet date="1998-10-18" apikey="FEE04934010D2C826D52"]

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