MSNBC Punctuates 'Trump in Vermont' Coverage With Perfect Phish Reference


Presidential hopeful and ex-reality TV star Donald Trump recently made a campaign stop in the hallowed Phish grounds of Burlington, Vermont.  This fact did not escape MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, who clearly have a Phish fan on staff.

Trump's visit to The Green Mountain State did not come without it's share of logistical challenges -- offering 20,000 tickets to a theater with 1,400 capacity.  To be clear, that's a venue that Phish had pretty much outgrown over 20 years ago hosting a crowd that would be massive for them today.

Then, the Trump campaign attempted to address that problem with a screening process to allow nothing but the Trump "true believers" into the crowd.  It's true that many in that 20,000 likely weren't exactly in Trump's pocket -- Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders is another of Burlington's more notable residents, and clearly had influenced the zeitgeist of the region.  A massive protest formed outside The Flynn.

The first Phish reference during this saga came from Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo, who likened the security risk to crowd control at a concert with the Burlington Free Press.


But, the MSNBC report takes this to a whole new level, adding inadvertant commentary from Phish themselves as the capper via a perfect clip from Phish's performance of "AC/DC Bag" from the Clifford Ball.  Check it out...

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