New Phish Song "Steam" Makes Debut In Cleveland 6/4/11: Lyrics, Stream and Download

Remember the old days when new songs would appear on set lists and you'd have to wait weeks or months to get a cassette tape mailed to you?  The old days sucked.

Download (mp3)

Here are the lyrics, courtesy of Tom Marshall (via PT):

there is the tower
like a solitary flower
standing in the snow
as the wolves all wait below
and you're walking on the ledge
throwing breadcrusts off the edge
as you sing in voice so clear
and my name I think I hear
concealed within the theme
then it disappears as steam

and I'm standing far below
watching wolves you seem to know
as your voice still carries on
in your never-ending song
and my blood begins to boil
and my bones melt into oil
hissing liquid in the snow
as my body sinks below
and a ripple sends a beam
of sunlight dancing through the steam

my now unfettered soul
has direction I control
to your tower I draw near
but do I see a trace of fear?
the approaching sound of hooves
now scatters all the wolves
you briefly watch the horseman ride
then you quickly run inside
the rider's weapons gleam
while the horse's nostrils steam

there's no time to reflect, who
is this man? I must protect you
in the rider's hand I see
he holds your prison's only key
he glances up and glares
and then he starts to climb the stairs
I can tell you're terrified
so I quickly go inside
but then I hear a fateful scream
and your soul joins mine as steam

we escaped the dreadful night
and as lovers soared in flight
blissful weeks turned into seasons
but one day without a reason
or goodbye you flew below
back to the animals you know
now you forever sing your song
with the wolves where you belong
now quite alone I often dream
I hear you singing through the steam

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