Pearl Jam Sets Up On Roof Of Chicago Bar

There are two Pearl Jam shows scheduled for this weekend at Chicago's Wrigley Field, but on Friday afternoon it seemed like there might be a third.

While the stage in the venue itself was still being constructed, the band was spotted setup on a roof across the street from the bleachers -- at the venerable Murphy's Bleachers.

The scene, obviously, drew a considerable crowd of fans.

Longtime Cubs fan Eddie Vedder acknowledged the crowd waiting outside the iconic ballpark.


Private rooftop viewing #wrigleyfield #pearljam #eddievedder #chicago

A photo posted by Amy Phillips ❄️ (@amyjjphillips) on

While apparently the band was filming a video, no audible music ever materialized.

I guess we wait for tonight for a dose of PJ. But with an off night on Sunday,... who knows?


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