Periodic Table Of Phish Songs

I've been a fan of the sub-genre of InfoGraphics, the period table of whatever, for a while now.  This awesome collection page at Unneccesary Umlaut collects some of the very best.  You'll find periodic tables of swearing, beer styles, video game controllers and other trivalities...  No music though, which is why my jaw nearly dropped when I was tipped off to this incredible periodic table of Phish songs from Elements of Ph.

Not sure if I can discern any reason to the grouping, coloring or order aside from the cleverly introduced rarities and new songs in the bottom row. Regardless, its a classy and well designed way to bring Phish into this fun visual medium.   If you like it, click through to order the print from him right away.

Update 6/21/13: Over two years after I originally posted this, the creator of this piece discovered it and actually shed a little light on its creation and availability.  From the comments section below, Sam El Ner writes:

Explanation of the grouping: In blue (non-metals) is Gamehenge. The metalloids (green) are the classics, with the heavy hitters sitting close by (tweezer, ghost). The bottom, as stated above, has newer songs (2.0 and forward) and the rarities.

He'll have them at Maine, SPAC, PNC, Jones Beach and Merriweather this summer and they're still available for online ordering and shipping.  Go get em!  Thanks, Sam.

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