Phish Visual Song Charts - Leg One Summer 2011

I'm warning you right now.  Don't click on the link below unless you are a total Phish nerd. You will be sorely disappointed.  Seriously.  Don't click.

OK.... now that its just us geeks, let me explain to you what you're about to see.  The Barn has compiled a list of all songs performed on leg one and plotted them on individual graphs that represents the length of the tour -- the first night of Bethelat the far left and Portsmouth at the far right.  The length of the plotted bar is analogous to the length of the performance at that particular show.  We have also included some reference data (number of times performed; dates of first and last performance; the lengths of the average, longest and shortest version of the song this tour).

If performed in the first set, the bar will be plotted above the red line; in the second set, below the red line. This view should give you a feel for the how each song performance varies, as well as identify unusual gaps in between song performances.

Song timings are sourced from  You can sort the list alphabetically, by number of times performed, or by average song length.

Phish Tour - Visual Song Charts

Much thanks to Todd at Jamtopia for planting the seed of this idea with a similar analysis of the Summer 2009 tour.

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