Phish vs. Widespread Panic: The Infographic

One of our more popular posts ever came in the wake of some rumored (but never materialized) Phish / Dave Matthews Band combo festival dates for the summer of 2011.  We re-posted an infographic comparing fan reactions and perceptions about the respective bands and people just couldn't get enough.

A perhaps just-as-polarizing comparison is the ongoing Phish vs. Widespread Panic debate perpetuated by fans of each band.  I happen to be a big fan of both bands, but certainly enjoy sitting on the sidelines to watch the fans sling mud at each other.

Enter, a new site that serves as a hub and service for fans of infographics like us.  One of their first features is a way to enter two twitter feeds  and generate an infographic comparing the two based on a computerized analysis of their feeds.  Whether this is actually informative in any meaningful way is debatable (Netflix!?! WTF?) , but it is fun to see such a slick looking infographic produced solely by data analysis.  One of our twitter followers even found himself listed among Phish's "Strongest Connections".

For your viewing pleasure:

Thanks to @PhishTwit for bringing this to my attention.

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