ProgNewJamGrass: Greensky Bluegrass on Audiotree Live

We do our best to bring you the best audio and video from Chicago shows of interest by great bands.  Here's one that nearly slipped under our radar, not because we don't love Greenksy Bluegrass (and believe me, if there was a word stronger than love, it would definitely apply here), but because it wasn't a public performance.

In this beautiful looking and sounding video, the band runs through a handful of songs for Audiotree Live, an in-studio concert series which is recorded right here in Chicago.  It's definitely worthy of checking out this episode, and many other shows in Audiotree's now extensive archive.  They definitely have their finger on the pulse of some of the more exciting and artful young bands around.  Here's their philosophy as presented on their website:

We believe in presenting artists exactly as they perform.  The audio you hear on every Audiotree Live session is the live mix- no post production, no tuning, no time aligning, no cheating.  If a band sounds great, it’s because they played great.  The sessions feel like you are in the faces of the musicians because that’s where our videographers are. The bands are the best, because we hand pick them.  We aim to create the most intimate, high-quality live performance videos available, for you to enjoy.

You'll definitely find that here, as GSBG delivers three new tunes from a forthcoming album and answers some questions about finger strength, Kalamazoo, life on the road and how exactly to label them ("prognewjamgrass").

Greensky Audiotree

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